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We're looking for developers to help the project.

DIGImend — digitizer mending. Improving Linux support for generic graphics tablets.

The DIGImend project aims at improving Linux support for generic graphics tablets.

These include ones designed and sold by KYE, UC-Logic and Waltop, rebranded and sold by Aiptek, Genius, Monoprice, Princeton, Trust, and many others. Essentially, any USB-connected tablets not produced by Wacom. For the latter see The Linux Wacom Project.

We work to provide kernel drivers, kernel and userspace driver fixes, accompanying development, testing and end-user tools, documentation and HOWTOs.


Please see the Tablet support status page for the currently supported tablets and tablets being worked on.

Although earlier tablet owners were encouraged to send diagnostics to help implement drivers for unsupported models, currently we cannot promise any action on these. We have a huge backlog of diagnostics from the past and not enough development resources.

You can still send the diagnostics (see Collecting tablet diagnostics), but DIGImend project cannot promise any drivers will be implemented for the tablets in question any time soon.


We strive to submit all drivers and fixes to upstream projects, including the Linux kernel, xf86-input-evdev and xf86-input-wacom. Please see if your tablet is already supported upstream on the Tablet support status page.

For cases when it is not possible to install a new kernel or an X.org driver version, we provide packages supporting some tablets for some older package versions:

Kernel drivers
Out-of-tree kernel drivers providing support for some newer tablets on v3.5 and newer kernels.
Kernel patches
Patches for older kernels, supporting some of the older tablets.
Kernel packages
Kernel packages for some older Ubuntu releases with the patches applied.
Evdev patches
Patches for older versions of xf86-input-evdev, enabling tablet support.


Tablet setup in applications
A collection of HOWTO's describing additional setup you might require in specific applications, such as GIMP, MyPaint, Inkscape and others.
Tablet setup with xf86-input-evdev
How to make your tablet work with the generic input device driver for X.org.
Tablet setup with xf86-input-wacom
How to make your tablet work with the Wacom tablet X.org driver.
Collecting tablet diagnostics
How to collect information about a tablet, required to make a driver.
Tablet setup with WizardPen
How to use the WizardPen driver as a temporary work around for unsupported tablets.


There are plans to provide a DKMS package with the latest tablet drivers not yet in major distribution kernels, improve xf86-input-evdev support for tablets, and work on the Wacom driver support for generic tablets.

Mailing lists

We maintain two mailing lists:

User support, news and general project discussion
Project development matters

To send a message to a list and receive replies just send an e-mail to the corresponding address. You only need to subscribe if you want to receive messages for other topics.


USB HID device dumping utility.
Evdev stream dumping utility.
HID report descriptor I/O library and conversion tool.


Nikolai Kondrashov <spbnick@gmail.com>
The project founder and developer.
Favux <favux at users.sourceforge.net>
Wiki contributions and user support.
Viktoria S. <viktoria-s at users.sourceforge.net>
Wiki contributions.
Numerous tablet owners
Collecting tablet diagnostics and testing.
Waltop International Corporation
Providing tablet samples and information.